Tyler and Leon: Broke Straight Boys

Morning guys. September is finally here, summer is almost over and holidays are coming lol Ok I’m going a little fast here but time flies so fast. I have to redesign an old website of ours this week. I already started it yesterday but I think it’s gonna take the whole week to finish. Anyway, today I’m posting a video from BrokeStraightBoys.com featuring our boy Tyler! This is a blowjob/jack off video and you might know how much I hate those videos, I find them boring BUT this video actually got me excited. The chemistry between Tyler and Leon is great, and they hit it off right away which is why this video is so good. Also you should see Tyler’s “Explosive Cum Shot” hehe. Ok gotta get back to work, so enjoy this video and again, if you want to watch all the full length videos, please visit BrokeStraightBoys.com and join for only $1.00.


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BrokeStraightBoys Aiden and Tyler Evans

Here is a straight boy I absolutely love! Aiden… He shot his first gay porn video 5 years ago on BrokeStraightBoys.com; some of you might remember the episode: Aiden and Jamie. Anyway, 5 years later, he’s back, more handsome than ever! This time we set him up with our other hot boy, Tyler Evans. The chemistry was instantaneous. They both felt very comfortable in front of the camera and joked around a little, which was really cool to watch. We shot 2 episodes with Aiden and Tyler, the one below which is the first one and then the second one is when Aiden fucks Tyler. 2 hot scenes that got me hard right away. Both videos can be downloaded  from BrokeStraightBoys.com – 3 days for only $1. NO Catch.


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Tyler from Broke Straight Boys to BoyGusher.com

Hey guys, TGIF! It’s been a long week. We finally switched all our servers to a new webhost so now all our websites will load much faster YAY! It’s been a bitch though but we finally made it :) Today I’m posting an episode from our latest website: BoyGusher.com. You probably recognize Tyler from Broke Straight boys, and today he’s on BoyGusher with Ethan, hot surfer dude from California (Of course!) It’s all about THE COCK! Sucking and jacking off till they both explode. It’s very sensual, and so fucking hot. Anyway, if you’re a Tyler fan, don’t miss out and join now… BoyGusher is only $1 for 3 days so try it out :)
Tyler from Broke Straight Boys on BoyGusher.comTyler from Broke Straight Boys on BoyGusher.com

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Tyler, Derek and Corey at Broke Straight Boys

Well well well, It’s been so long since I last posted a video :( Sorry guys, I got so much to do at work that it’s really hard to post anything nowadays. We got HUGE plans for Broke Straight Boys. First, HD is coming on March 31st!!!!! YAY finally! I’m very excited about it. Our members are all excited too. I already watched some Broke Straight Boys HD videos and I’m really impressed. Anyway, meanwhile, here is a video of Tyler, Derek and Corey. Very colorful “palette” today; Tyler is bi, Derek is straight and Corey is gay :) So enjoy this video and don’t forget to join the best website EVER!! :) hehe CLICK HERE to join Broke Straight Boys, it’s only $1.


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Ace and Tyler at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys Ace and Tyler are on the famous couch today. Ace did a shoot with us before but it was pretty much all jack-off; this time, we wanted more. We knew Tyler would be a great match so we invited both guys. We offered Ace $1200 to get fucked, and after some hesitations, accepted the offer. Who would spit on $1200 nowadays anwyay? I love when it’s their first time getting fucked. Seeing their face as they get penetrated just fucking turns me on and it’s what happened with Ace, he sure took it like a champion. You go girl!!! I mean Man! lol Visit Broke Straight Boys.


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Logan finally gets FUCKED!

This episode is FRESH guys! It just came out today (Tuesday 19th) and that IS one fucking hell of a video. Logan gets fucked for the first time! Yep, our famous Logan  is bottoming for the first time on Broke Straight Boys. This episode is so great to watch for various reasons. The interview is really fun, from Tyler’s funny comments to Cj’s pissed off face lol You can tell Logan is really anxious about getting up the ass hehe. I’m very happy with how this video came out. Fun, hot fucking, great cumshots and mmmm yeah Logan’s getting fucked for the first time! LOL Sorry I’m just excited about it.

Check out this video preview I just made. After working for Broke Straight Boys for 4 years now, I know some our straight boys very well, and I gotta say, in this episode, Tyler, Logan and CJ did awesome. If you have 1 dollar to spend, trust me, Broke Straight Boys is the website to try :)

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Broke Straight Boys go camping!

Here’s a video you don’t want to miss! David, our photographer, took a group of models out on a little hiking trip to change things up and do something different than what they’re use to at the studio. All the guys that he had picked to go were excited for a chance to make some great money, and go somewhere for a little escape from their daily lives. Watch Dustin, Tyler, JC, CJ and Michael go wild :) If you want to DOWNLOAD this video, just join Broke Straight Boys :) It’s only $1.


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Jacob fucks Tyler on Broke Straight Boys

Today we have hot Tyler! He’s one of our most famous Broke Straight Boys. He’s young and fucking hot, our members just love him. He’s been shooting for us for 2 years now. Is he still straight? lol Well, quite frankly, I don’t care at this point, I just love to watch him. Jacob is a new straight boy and never took it up the ass, until now :) After he fucks Tyler, it’s his turn to get on his back. Check this video at Broke Straight Boys :) Tyler’s got a nice bush going on lol Members tease him a lot because of it but he said that he would only trim it but not shave it. Personally I don’t care :)


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BSB in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Austin, Derek, Danny and Tyler are at Johnny’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They had so much fun that night. The show host was a pretty cool drag queen and she sure made our boys work hard for the money lol I’m posting below a video preview and a few pictures. Enjoy…
I have a few posts of Danny and Austin in action. You can check them out here: Danny and Austin

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