James, Evan and Zakk

Howdy y’all! I just woke up, drinking coffee and listening to Elton John’s Nikita, how gay of me huh? lol I wanted to add a video before I get too busy with work. I noticed it had been a long time since I posted an episode from our website so here is one. Some of you may recognize Zakk (The filipino guy) from our other site In this video, he shows how much he likes to suck a cock. Check them out on – It is only $1 for 3 days so try it out :)

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Zakk and Ryan from Broke Straight Boys

My boy is back on Broke Straight Boys! I’m talking about Zakk. Ok this dude can fuck the shit out of me anytime he wants. I like his cute face, his toned body, his cock’s not bad either hehe, and he likes dirty talks. I don’t care too much for gay boy Ryan but I guess he’s not bad, just not my type. But in this episode, we needed a bottom bitch for Zakk so Ryan’s doing the job :) I like the part when Zakk sucks on Ryan’s cock while fingering him, I find it really hot. I feel like Zakk is holding back a little bit and I can’t wait to see him just rape some ass one day :) I can always wish huh? Anyway, enjoy this preview. This video is today’s new update on Broke Straight Boys.


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Preston, Zach and Kyler: Broke Straight Boys

Well this is the last shoot from our old studio. As some of you already know, we’re expending Broke Straight Boys :) We have a new location, way bigger than the old one, which will make the shoots much easier. Better lighting, more space… We’re happy and cannot wait to show you guys the new studio :) So for our finale,  we asked Straight boys Preston, Kyler and Zakk to do a scene together. I love those guys, they’re very fun to deal with. And Kyler’s hair *sigh*, I’d love to pound his ass while grabbing to his hair, fuck yeah! :) Anyway, enjoy this episode and maybe see you inside the members area :) (If you do join, look up for me in the message board, I’m Scorpio)


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Broke Straight Boys Zakk fucked by roomate Kyler

It’s been a week since we saw Broke Straight Boys Zakk and Kyler on our famous futon. Their first shoot was pretty much all sucking and jacking off, but this week, we wanted them to fuck. We figured Zakk would fuck Kyler but nope, we were wrong! When we asked them, Zakk let us know that HE wanted to get fucked by Kyler. Alrighty then, that was even better. Zakk is a hot filipino with a smoking lean body and watching him get fucked is such a fucking turn on to me. This episode just came out today (August 15) so here is a little preview of the interview.


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Zakk and Kyler at BrokeStraightBoys

Zakk and Kyler are two roommates that were looking to make some cash. I find these 2 boys really attractive. Kyler (with the long hair) is pretty hot and I’m sure a lot of our Broke Straight Boys members are going to love him. Zakk has a different look but damn, his body is smoking hot! Kyler is bisexual but has had limited experience with guys, and Zakk is straight, but has been a dancer in some gay clubs before, very interesting! :)


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